About Nisargopchaar Shikshan Sanstha

Dombivali (E.)

Naturopathy is an art and science of healthy living and a drugless system of healing based on well-founded philosophy. It has its own concept of health and disease and also a principle of treatment. Naturopathy is a very old science. We can find a number of references in our Vedas and other ancient texts.

On 25 July 1995, our committee members lead the foundation of Nisargopchaar Shikshan Sanstha. Our committee includes nature lovers and students of Naturopathy, who not only founded the Sanstha but also decided it’s goals i.e.

  • Conducting regular camps and seminars for preaching the benefits of Naturopathy.
  • Establishing Upchar Kendra for treating patients.
  • To conduct research and build laboratories.
  • Establishing Nisargopchaar University.
  • To start Nisargopchaar Kendras all over India.
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Since the establishment of our institute and getting the approval by Government, we have trained thousands of students under Diploma and Degree courses provided by our Nisargopchaar Shikshan Sanstha, located at Dombivali.

For providing practical training to our students we also started Om Yog Nisargopchaar Kendra in Vangani, Raigad.

Some of our students after successful completion of the course, have started their own clinics. And the other students are guiding their friends and family members to live a natural life.

For providing better guidance to new students and helping them connect with our passed out students, we have started an alumni association, and we keep conducting alumni meet every year.

Our committee is determined on spreading their experiences (in the field of Naturopathy) and Naturopathic values to each and every household possible.

We regularly conduct workshops in Dombivali & Thane to spread the teachings of Naturopathy. All the guest attending the workshop are taught the benefits of Naturopathy and are served with specially cooked naturopathic breakfast and tea. Contact us to know when the workshops are being held.